Festival des Cinq Continents Reading

Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte will participate to a reading organized by The French Center at NYU & the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.
This francophone literary festival will occur from April 5-6-7,  part of Le Printemps de la francophonie.  Under the name of Festival des Cinq Continents, it will take the form of interviews, readings and round tables, […]

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Trialogue at the Lace Mill, Kingston,NY

Nicole Peyrafitte — Michael Bisio — Pierre Joris
Trialogues are improvised collaborative exchanges inside a set time limit between 3 protagonists unconditionally dedicated to their chosen mode of expression: Joris to his nomadic poetry in its wandering, rhizomatic explorations; Peyrafitte to her nourishing, sensual, campy and scintillating multi-layered vocal range & texts ; Bisio to the […]

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27th Subterranean Poetry Festival, Rosensale, NY

Nicole Peyrafitte & Pierre Joris both invited to the 27th Subterranean Poetry Festival. Thrilled to perform at Widow Jane Mine an old cement mine has been used as everything from a mushroom farm to a recording studio. A unique & extraordinary venue!

Century House Historical Society
at the Snyder Estate,
668 Route 213
P.O. Box 150
Rosendale, NY

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Boog City Reading: The Agony of I.B.

Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte performing an excerpt of Joris’ Play “The Agony of I.B”

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GLasgow, Scottland : Outside-in / Inside-out

A unique poetry festival taking place at venues across the City of Glasgow. Through performances, exhibitions, creative symposia and readings, we’ll explore the margins of poetic activity, ask what lies beyond poetry and interrogate the structures that delimit poetic engagement. All events associated with the festival are free and open to the public. Some have limited capacity and are expected to book up quickly. Our partner venues include: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow Women’s Library, University of Glasgow, MANY Studios, The Lighthouse, and Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

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Couch Surfer Series — Boise, Idaho

...an intimate conversation and performance with an artist and an author at 8pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Featuring: Martin Corless-Smith - moderator Pierre Joris - poet and Nicole Peyrafitte - artist Elijah Jensen (aka With Child) - musician

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Cave Poésie Toulouse

Details TBA

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