Carnet Nº2

Liminal Line / Ligne Liminale

The Book of U / Le livre des Cormorans

The Blood of the Stone

Bi-Valve: Espace Vulvique (édition francaise)

Carnet Nº1

Bi-Valve: Vulvic Space | Vulvic Knowledge

Ode to James Dean

Ride The Line

Recordings / Films

Things Fall Where They Lie

Basil King : Mirage

Whisk! Don’t Churn!

La Garbure Transcontinentale / Bicontinental Chowder

Sax, Soup, Poetry, & Voice

Journals & Anthologies

World Literature Today (Nov 19)

Conversation in the Pyrenees (2019)

Junction Box (2019)

The Café Review (2019)

LiveMag #15 (2018)

Teste 32 (2018)

Voix Vives de La méditerranée en Méditerranée (2018)

Peinture & Poesie Musée Paul Valéry (2018)

Requiem for Gaza (2018)

Solidarity Texts – 2017

Revue GPS – 2016

Supplement – 2016 (Kelly Writers House)

Folder Silhouette – 2015

Mary Reed and ses Acolytes – Invece No.1 2013

Theory, A Sunday – 2013

Bombay Gin #39.2 2013 – Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

Aufgabe 2013 #12 Extract of Bi-Valve – Litmus Press, NYC

Anthologie des Voix Vives: Festival de Poésie de Sète France 2013

Jacket2 Jerome Rothenber’s: Poem & poetics blog 2013 – Extract of Bi-Valve in
“Ride The Line” in Some Stories are True That Never Happened, an anthology by Erika Lutzner 2012

Remember-Reflect-Mark performance published in Emergency INDEX 2011 – Ugly Duckling Presse

Bohaire de Mots, an essay in: Pierre Joris: Cartographies of the In-Between ed. Peter Cockelberg – Litteraria Pragensia

The Portable Boog Reader 3, an instant anthology of New York City poetry 2010

Invisible Culture: An electronic Journal for Visual Culture. Rochester University

Anthology des Voix de la Méditerranée Lodève 2008

EFFING Magazine #2 (2004)

The Healing Muse Journal of Literary & Visual Arts -Center for Bioethics & Humanities State University of New York

Footballs Nº7 Art action / Montagne Froide – France

Mary Reed and ses Acolytes – Invece No. 1 (2013)

Theory, A Sunday (2013)

Aufgabe 12 (2013)

Bombay Gin 39.2 (2013)

Some Stories are True that Never Happened (2012)

Emergency Index 2011 – Ugly Duckling Presse

Pierre Joris-Cartographies of the In-Betwween (2011)

Voix de la Méditerranée Anthology 2008