Nicole Peyrafitte moved to Albany N.Y in 1992.
In 1996 she discovered that an imaginary line linked Albany, N.Y (home now)
to Luchon in the French Pyrenees (home then).

Both places reside on the same latitude!

Albany Home:latitude N423887 longitude W0734552
Luchon Family Home:
N424737 longitude E003538
The vertical distance in between the two is only 14 kms or 9 miles.

Via voice, video, electronically activated drawings and (in some versions) cooking,
this performance attempts to virtually render a geographical-poetical-historical "situation"
arising from the thinking and mapping of the affects gathered on that line.

One element of this performance is "Ride the Line/ Chevaucher le Trait" a series of 11 ink drawings
that have been activated electronically. The sung text consists of conversations with free-floating "affects"
that have gathered on the "Line".

The version of "Latus" performed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in April 2001
included the live cooking experience of the "Bi-Continental Chowder" or "B.C.C".
While cooking, Peyrafitte told culinary and philosophical tales about the ingredients like:
pork confit, salt cod, potatoes, chili peppers, etc...
At the same time, on a
center stage screen, a video showed images of the food preparation
mixed with lanscapes and "foodscapes" shot and edited by Peyrafitte.
The "B.C.C." simmered for 30 minutes while Peyrafitte went on performing "Ride the Line".
Then the Chowder was served and it tasted delicious!
A few people took some B.C Chowder home, others left the room somewhat puzzled -- a university
auditorium had never quite smelled that way!

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