Thursday April 17TH 8PM $5
A Multimedia Adventure


Nicole Peyrafitte
George Muscatello
electric guitar

special guest:

Pierre Joris

The New Age Cabaret
453 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY
A white building on the right one block after Loundonville road (near Nipper see map below)

This collaboration between Nicole Peyrafitte and George Muscatello arises from their shared need to explore intersections between music, voice and images. Muscatello is a renowned jazz musician in the Capital District. His playing -- even in traditional settings --demonstrates an open-weave understanding of music, more spatial than linear, which moved Peyrafitte to initiate this collaborative experiment combining her voice & visuals with his playing.
Peyrafitte, who has performed widely within and without this region, is known for expanding, crumpling, redefining and dismantling the envelopes of multimedia and vocal performance.
The two decided to work with mainstream jazz standards, blurring them into free improvisatory forms ruled by both desire for non-hierarchical relations between the music, voice and images. During the performance the emphasis is on the process, with few predetermined outcomes.
Poet Pierre Joris will join in for a few pieces. Joris and Peyrafitte have collaborated for 13 years in multimedia performances.
Peyrafitte uses a Max MSP Jitter computer program for interacting with her visuals and sounds. Holland Hopson developed the program with whom she has collaborated since 1999.

Nicole Peyrafitte
[email protected]

The New Age Cabaret
453 North Pearl Street, Albany, NY