Whisk! Don’t Churn at Bowery Poetry Club

Whisk! Don’t Churn at Bowery Poetry Club


Saturday May 16 2009
6:00pm -7:30pm

Concert CD release of:
“Whisk! Don’t Churn!”
Nicole Peyrafitte
(voice, video, electronics, whisk & sweets!)
Michael Bisio
(double bass)
with guest poet & producer
Pierre Joris
Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
(212) 614-0505

CD Details: here
Read  reviews: here
Get the CD: here (though if you come to the release party Saturday the CD will be available on donation)

And you can always find out more about my works on:
Cooking Parties
Nicole’s Website

The Busy Week Report

The Busy Week Report

Some pix and comments from the events mentioned in the blog busy week“.
April 27-28 I played Claudine in
The Cry, a vignette film, part of James Mehr’s  project Veritas that will be on line soon.

on May 1st I had a great time performing Voyage dans la Lune at the Neo-Benchi and Experimental Video Night at Dixon Place. I enjoyed watching the brilliant pieces by: Sharon Mesmer, David Larsen, Linh Dinh, Brandon Downing, Abigail Child & Nada Gordon, Konrad Steiner, Julian Brolaski. Nada Gordon posted  capsule reviews on her blog and I totally agree with her and Drew Gardner: Yes! moonmen being smashed into powder is a “colonialist” attitude! Thank you Pierre Joris for a great narration, Peter Knoll for the beautiful guitar soundscapes, Chiaki for the pictures, & Brandon Downing for putting the event together.

photos by Chiaki

On Saturday May 2nd was the much anticipated Brooklyn Food Conference. I didn’t see much of it as I spent from 12-9:30 pm in the kitchen along with a wonderful crew of people, mostly women, preparing and serving lunch and the banquet dinner for the conference. Though I did attended the panel Gastropolis: Food and New York City while the kitchen was having a little downtime between lunch and dinner.  This panel was moderated by Annie Hauck-Lawson, co-editor of the book of the same name, and I was delighted to hear the speakers whose names I have known for a while but whom I’d never seen in person: Cara De Silva, Jonathan Deutsh, Mark Russ Federman, Anne Mendelson, and last but certainly not least Annie Lanzilotto. The presenters mostly read from their essays in Gastropolis: Food and New York City. The book is about New York City’s rich food heritage, & explores the personal and historical relationship between New Yorkers and food. I can’t wait to read it.

Annie LanzillottoAme & lots of chicken!Lots of tofu

For a brief review of the Food Conference read:
Hundreds showed up for the Brooklyn Food Conference
Diner’s Journal: Hundreds Get the Message in Brooklyn
Published: May 2, 2009
and for more conference pix click here.

And to cap the week, yesterday May 3rd was the 5th Annual d’Artagan Duckatlon, a culinary competition where top city chefs present their best team in costume to compete in a series of challenges throughout the meat packing district. Restaurant Annisa came in first place after a most elegant and brilliant performance; second place went to Tribeca Grill with a very motivated and gracious team; third and sweetest was Jacques Torres. Last year’s winner Cercle Rouge won best costume and gave very entertaining and smokey performances throughout the afternoon.

I will post the video as soon as Joseph Mastantuono is done editing it — he is already working on it. I can already tell you that there were some really funny moments! Meanwhile more pix here.

We just found out that the short film Counting to Infinity directed by Derek Morse, in which  Miles Joris-Peyrafitte played Seth (lead role) has been selected in the Cannes Festival Short Film Corner!

Busy Week!

Busy Week!

Les semaines se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas
or in English:
Week follows week; none are alike

Here’s the one coming up for me, and wow,  is it busy!

First, this weekend I am preparing for  the shoot of a short independent movie “The Cry” by talented young director James Mehr. I will play the lead, her name is Claudine, a very dramatic French woman (contre emploi total!). The project is shot in super 16mm and I am really excited to get back into acting.

Then on Friday May 1st I will participate in one of the 2 movie nights extravaganza of Neo-Banchi and experimental videos at Dixon Place in Manhattan. Accompanied by Peter Knoll on electric guitar, we will perform an *enhanced* version of “Voyage dans la Lune,” a “Trip to the Moon”, the  George Mélies 1902 sci-fi movie. A detailed program can be found on Brandon Downing’s blog; among the presenters are Bruce Andrew, Nada Gordon, Linh Dinh, Julian Brolaski, Edwin Torres…and more

MAY 1 & 2, 2009    8PM
A Mini-Festival of Live Interactives, Musical Attacks,
Neo-Benshi, Experimental Video and other damages
to the World’s Cinematic Legacy
A Benefit for Dixon Place
Advance Tickets: $12/show ($15 at the door)   Both nights: $20
Advance Tickets Available (and highly recommended) at www.dixonplace.org

Saturday May 2nd is the very anticipated First Brooklyn Food Conference. I will be part of the evening banquet crew and will be working in the kitchen the night of the event and a few days ahead.

While the Brooklyn Food Conference is a FREE event, we would also like to invite you to join us for an evening of fine dining and dance at the end of the conference. The spring menu will be prepared by professional chefs using sustainable foods produced by local farmers and producers. Seating is limited. Wine and beer not included in the $20 ticket. Free childcare and a low-cost child’s meal will be available. Casual attire. Purchase tickets here

And last but not least, I will need to be in great shape for Sunday May 3rd, to assist Joseph Mastantuono in filming & documenting the D’Artagnan 5th Duckathlon. This yearly happening is a culinary competition where top city chefs present their best team to compete in a series of challenges in costume, throughout the meat packing district.  Last year was GREAT FUN — see for yourself: below is the video shot and edited by Joseph.

Voilà, I will collect pictures, stories, recipes and more — and will report as soon as I can. Have a good week!

But before I go, save the date: Saturday May 16 at 6 p.m. @ Bowery Poetry Club for the  concert release of “WHISK! DON’T CHURN”  — my new CD with Michael Bisio