1998-1999/9X14inches/arche paper/ink/tempera

(Performance Version A.K.A: "Quodlibet")

Each drawing of this on going series is based on a given Bach Cantata and on morphic perspectives of pelvic bones. Both the drawings and the performance consist of personal derivations generated simultaneously by a close reading of the text of the cantata and gathering of anatomical/medical material on the pelvic area.

"Quodlibet" is the performance piece attached to those drawings. The piece was named after Bach’s work "Quodlibet" BWV524. This title –not given by Bach- relates to the mixture of texts of various provenance, and part of a secular piece that might have been written for a Bach family gathering-possibly a family wedding..

Poet Pierre Joris joined in for the January 9, 1999 performance at the Steamer 10 Theater in Albany N.Y. He created texts using a procedure in which the core term of two sentences in each chapter of Giorgio Agamben’s "The Coming Community"- an essay that is essentially a meditation on the philosophical implications of the word "quodlibet", "whatever"- are replaced by the word "bone". He also did a homophonic translation of a part of the Bach "quodlibet" text. Musicians Ann Githler, Benjamin Chadabe, Ralf Staebler joined in for improvisational "quodlibets"