1995/12 drawings-collages/ 8.5x11/ ink on paper

This series developed into a performance piece premiered at the Berkshire Community College in 1997.

The performance consists of a computer projection of an animated version of the drawings via a LCD projector.

Nicole Peyrafitte sing the texts live accompanied by musicians.

Ovidís Fasti primarily inspired the texts. Some are directly connected to the rituals Ovid describes, others are

inspired by texts that have a relation -obvious or not- to the given month.

January: Pierre Joris, Janus Calendar

February, March, April, and September: Nicole Peyrafitte

May: Lemuria ritual from Ovidís Fasti Liber Quintus

June: Robert Kelly, "Injune" The Alchemist to Mercurey

July: Paul Cézanne, Cézanne Letters

August: Frida Kahlo, The Diary of Frida Kahlo

October: Pyrenean folk song

November: Stanza 1&2: Claude Pélieu: Round about Midnight

(Translated by Mary Beach) Stanza 3: N. Peyrafitte

December: Nicole Brossard, Flesh, Song(e) et Promenade


Click here to view live performance video
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A cd-rom is available on request directly via Nicole Peyrafitte