Nicole Peyrafitte was born in Luchon (French Pyrenees) into the 5th generation of a family of restaurateurs. She received her early cooking training from her grand father Joseph Peyrafitte a renowned chef. Later she perfected her skills interning at several award winning restaurants in France.

Joseph Peyrafitte 1891-1973
Joseph Peyrafitte 1891-1973

Since 1995 Nicole Peyrafitte is a performance artist who sings, paint, films, writes & cooks. She draws on her eclectic heritage to perform songs ranging from French cabaret to jazz standards and contemporary poetry. Her voice work is often integrated into multimedia stagings based on her visuals (paintings and/or videos) and writings. Her multimedia performances projects often involve the onstage preparation and cooking of a dish, shared with the audience. Her work addresses the experiences of negotiating her identity across two continents and four languages.

Her most recent performances include “The Bi-Continental Chowder / La Garbure Transcontinentale,” & “Augustus Saint Gaudens’ return to the Fatherland.” She performs domestically and in Europe.

About her 2007 CD:
“…Performance artist Nicole Peyrafitte serves up some very interesting sound-scapes and emotional improvisations on her new CD entitled “La Garbure Transcontinentale / The Bi-Continental Chowder”. Alternating between French and English poetics, Peyrafitte attempts to help the listener make the connection that she has made through her heuristic research in America and in France… the Bi-Continental Chowder is a very tasty and imaginative work. With Peyrafitte’s vocal borrowings from Meredith Monk and Yoko Ono and a band that lends credence to her vocal explorations, this CD is definitely recommended for those listeners in need of an ear stretching. –Darryl Gregory – Indie-Music.com

About her Performances:
“Fearless. That’s the first word that comes to mind whenever I have the great pleasure of watching Nicole Peyrafitte perform. You just never know what to expect when she steps into the spotlight — whether she’s singing a jazz show at Justin’s, hosting the Experimental Cabaret at Tess’ Lark Tavern or dishing up one of her thrilling, ambitious one-woman performances.You don’t just watch Peyrafitte, you experience her.” Greg Haymes / Times-Union

Nicole Peyrafitte voted best performance artist of the Capital Region 2005

For more detail on her work check her website

As a young chef Nicole’s cooking was reviewed in the Guide Gault & Millau:

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  4. Love the blog. I was looking for information on oysters and stumbled upon your magnificent description of the Christmas dinner. Your descriptions of Paris also evoked my frequent visits and will urge me to visit again soon. Thank you for the thoughtful and delightful experience of your journal!!

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